MEKA       Miniature Enthusiasts of Kingston and Area

Tips and Hints

Within this page we hope to provide you a few handy tips and hints.

Ladies Compact:
Using thumbtacks with the pin part removed. Fill one with flesh colored clay leaving a rim of metal showing. Bake and then attach the other tack head at an angle, with a tiny bit of cotton in it to be the puff
Easy Stockings
You can use very fine netting cut into a stocking shape and have these dangling out from a tissue paper filled box.
For a doll house pet how about taking a small clear box (like some hardware items come packaged in) and line it with pencil shavings from the sharpener. Put a small pussy willow decorated with a fine marker to give it eyes and nose. Set it back in a corner amongst the shavings.
Use white glue and sawdust with white nail polish for milk.
Look in the Christmas ornament section for small packages of tiny ornaments (for miniature trees). Take the ornament hanger out with needle nose pliers and the ornament that remains can be a doll for a child, a decoration for the fireplace mantle, multiples in display for a store setting, or knick knacks on a shelf.

The Basic Toolbox

  1. Small cutting board
  2. X-Acto knife
  3. Fine sand paper (120 and 220 grit)
  4. Tweezers
  5. Tracing paper
  6. Sharp hard pencil
  7. Ruler
  8. Scissors
  9. Glue (Weldbond or Tacky)
  10. Toothpicks
  11. Waxed paper
  12. Needle and thread
  13. Masking tape
  14. Paint brush (3 or 4 different assorted sizes)
  15. Small wire cutters
  16. Clamps
  17. Fret saw *
  18. Coping saw *
  19. Mini miter box and saw
  20. Note pad
  21. Small pliers *
  22. Magnifying glass *
  23. Rag, hand cleaners, baby wipes for wiping glue off fingers *
  24. Small set square *
  25. Emery boards *
  26. Gluing jig*
  27. Styrofoam meat tray*
  28. Baby food jar for liquids*
  29. Acrylic Paints*

*Not absolutely necessary, but extremely handy.

Here's a tip that most don't realize when using their miter box: cut a piece of wood 1/4" thick by the inside width and length of miter box. Make sure it's a very tight fit and leave it in there. This will protect the saw blade and allow you to cut wood right through without touching metal. The reason the box has one side longer is to use the table edge for support. I use 1/4" sticks and dowels of many diameters , tongue depressors and popsicle sticks. A real easy project for starters could be a simple box. Wood glue is the best but tacky glue is fine too. If your edges aren't joined perfectly that's ok. Just run it over sand paper to even everything out (after it's dry of course).

Last Updated September 2019