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Camp On
Link to subscribe to group providing ongoing discussion and help for making miniatures.A great group to belong to!
Miniature Collectors Club
Link to subscribe to share ideas for making miniature furniture, food, clothes and other items while educating.
Small Stuff Miniature Digest Subscriber Link
Miniature digest subscriber links

Links of Interest

Barbara Sabia
Miniature stained glass artisan
Blackwells of Hawkwells
UK supplier with some harder to find items such as Mini Mundus furniture kits.
Bromley Craft Products
UK supplier for DIY dollhouse items such as shingles, brick templates, etc.
Ceynix Miniature Trees 'n' Trains
Welcome to Ceynix Artistree where ceying is beleafing.Come in and have a look at our handmade miniature trees - made in Britain - each has it's own personalitree so you know your tree is unique and nobody else has one exactly the same.
Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures
CDHM offers a visual catalog of artisan work, an online service for the artisan, and a forum for artisan and collector alike to communicate and ask questions.
Cynthia Howe Miniatures
Doll mold, doll kits, doll patterns, laser bits 'n kits.Also does major online tutorials periodically.
Dragonfly International
Dragonfly International is a hand crafter of quality doll house miniature accessories. I have been serving the needs of collectors and miniaturists for the past35 years.
Earth and Tree Miniatures
Earth and Tree Dollhouse and Miniature Shop is a full service dollhouse miniature store. We offer handcrafted wooden dollhouse kits made by Tom's Mill at Earth and Tree. Earth and Tree builds and finishes the dollhouses here at the shop. We have dollhouse furniture and miniature accessories in 1" scale and half inch and quarter inch scale. We stock a wide variety of gingerbread and dollhouse wood trims, cedar shingles and miniature hardware hinges and doorknobs. You can choose from many styles of dollhouse windows and doors, including Architect's Choice. Miniature lights, electrical supplies, and a class to teach how to wire your dollhouse are offered. Complete the inside of the dollhouse with miniature wallpaper and dollhouse flooring of inlaid wood kits or carpet. Dollhouse dolls and animal pets are at Earth and Tree as well.
ELF Miniatures
High quality MODERN dolls house furniture, accessories and kits, specialising in fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.In addition toexclusive furniture, ELF stocks a wide range of modern miniatures, including replica designer chairs, and a range of vehicles.
Evan's Designs
Great source for LED lighting of all kinds.The site provides a great deal of help in determining what types and size of lighting you need.
Grandpa's Dollhouse
Web-based dollhouse store.
Imagination Mall
Source for miniature and doll house resources on the web
Janet Granger Designs
Miniature embroidery kits in 1/12 scale
Kari Bloom, Miniton Miniatures
Handcrafted Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, 50's retro and modern furniture, and kits
Little Dollhouse Company
The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto, Ontario is Canada's oldest and largest dollhouse and miniature store and Canada's premier online dollhouse and everything miniature supplier.
Lynn's Jarrah Miniatures
All my 1/12th scale miniature furniture is handcrafted by me using Jarrah which is unique to Western Australia. Jarrah lends itself beautifully to miniature furniture.I carefully select the wood for each item in order that the rich tonings and fine wood grain will enhance each piece.All furniture is meticulously researched and scaled from actual full sized pieces to ensure accuracy and realism.
Martha McLean Miniatures
Martha McLean Miniatures showcases an array of handcrafted dollhouse miniature flower arrangements by Martha McLean as well as Crabtree & Evelyn miniature kits.
McQueenie Miniatures
Fine quality 1:12th scale miniature kits and furniture.Made in the UK
Miniature Cottage
Miniature Cottage: Your full service dollhouse miniature store in Nashville, Tennessee
Miniature Web
A source for artisan websites
Over 10,000 miniature items, doll houses, dollhouse kits, dolls, Bespaq, artisan items, and everything you need to build, finish and furnish any dolls house or miniature home.
Out of the Ordinary
Located in Cambridge, ON we are an online only, full line miniature marketplace and stock an excellent selection of dollhouses, dolls house furniture, miniature accessories, dollhouse building components, decorating and electrical supplies for dollhouse miniature customers across Canada and internationally from our warehouse in South Western Ontario. ...Dollhouse miniatures are our only business, to provide you with the best selection possible whether for a child or a child at heart.
Pear Tree Miniatures
A selection of hand-made miniature medieval furniture in three scales.
PRD Miniatures
Modern 1:12 scale furniture and designs
SDK Miniatures
sdk miniatures LLC offers furnishings for your dollhouse in one-inch, one-half inch, one-quarter, 1/120th and 1/144th inch scales.These dollhouse miniatures are handcrafted by Susan Karatjas and her daughter, Pamela Ridgley.Plants, furniture, structures, and kits are available.
Shaker Works West
Your prime resource for miniature Shaker and Country primitive furniture, dollhouse Shaker furniture, antique globes, typewriters, radios, washing machines and many other wonderful artisan dollhouse and collectibles all finely hand crafted by Dr. Ken Byers.
Shapeways Dollhouse Furniture 3D Printing
Site where various creators map a 3D object, and people can order them and have them printed.
SP Miniatures
S P Miniatures has specialized in hand crafted dollhouse scale miniatures since 1995.We have a wide range of prices and a wide range of products by artisans from many countries.Everything on our website should be in stock and ready to ship.Items are 1:12 (1/12) scale unless marked otherwise.
Stiches in Miniature
Needlepoint rug kits and patterns, and miniature fabrics.
Swan House Miniatures
A wide selection of artisan pieces from all over the world, organized by type and by artisan.
Texas Tiny
Texas Tiny specializes in unique Texas-themed 1:12 scale miniatures. Cowboy and Cowgirl miniatures, American-Indian, Hispanic Mexican and general Western categories are continually being added to with new items such as miniature cowhide chairs and rugs, Texas landscape paintings, Talavera style tile fireplaces, ponds, and tabletops miniature dollhouse piñatas, and more. Although the culture of the Southwest is broad, Texas Tiny celebrates the vibrancy and myth particularly associated with the state of Texas in its miniature scenes.
Valerie Claire Miniatures
Valerie Claire Miniatures specializes in hand made dolls house shop stock - Haberdashery, Grocery, Chemist & Pharmacy, Hats, Jewelers and Christmas. The site also supply unusual printed paper kits — the finishing touches that will add character— making your miniature projects unique & lived in! Jewelry findings can help you make miniature handbags, jewelry shop displays and much more....
Victoria Mini-Land
Dollhouse and miniature shop located in Victoria, B.C.Includes exclusive dollhouse and miniature items.
Weevings Miniature Handwovens
Weevings has been creating traditional, historic and custom rugs, coverlets, blankets and table linens for dollhouses since 1992. Whether your house is modern, early American or Tudor, Victorian, Arts and Crafts or eclectic, Weevings has (or can weave) the perfect rug or woven accessory for your house. Custom orders are welcome, but because weaving is a time-consuming process, and this is not my "day job" be prepared to wait for delivery of custom orders. Most all customers agree it's worth the wait.

Smale Scale Suppliers

B J Miniatures
Quarter-scale specialists
Just Quarters
Have a browse around my site for great selection of over 100 items to add interest and character to your wee house and things to fill the odd corner.
Michelle's Miniatures
Browse the site and find original laser cut kits in four scales, one inch, half inch, quarter inch and miniature watch case scale. These kits include dollhouse accessories, dollhouse trunks, leather trunks, miniature shelving kits, wine racks, room box kits, miniature bench kits, dollhouse furniture kits and Christmas kits.
Petworth Miniatures
A rapidly expanding repertoire of ¼" (1:48) scale laser cut furniture kits
The Quarter Source
¼" (1:48) Scale Laser Cut Furniture and Accessory Kits, Quarter Scale Room Box Kits and Structure Kits by Karen Benson.
Petite Properties
Specialists in 1:24, 1:48 and 1:144 scales.
Robin Betterley's Miniatures
Creators of a unique set of quarter scale miniatures
SDK Miniatures
sdk miniatures LLC offers furnishings for your dollhouse in one-inch, one-half inch, one-quarter, 1/120th and 1/144th inch scales.These dollhouse miniatures are handcrafted by Susan Karatjas and her daughter, Pamela Ridgley.Plants, furniture, structures, and kits are available.
Stewart Dollhouse Creations
We are a small Montana home-based business. Stewart Dollhouse creations started with Ruth Stewart's hobby of making miniatures with polymer clay, however she enjoyed making things so much that she wound up with far more than she could use on her own. Not expecting much she asked around at a few local dollhouse stores if they would be interested in some of her creations, not only were they interested, but before long they began making requests for new products and special orders.
A Trifle Small
I specialise in smaller scale dolls house miniatures for collectors. My online shop has a large selection of 1/24th scale and 1/48th scale miniatures, also known as half scale and quarter scale respectively. Starting with the dolls house, decorate with wallpaper or tiles. Add lighting, and choose from many items of furniture and then add accessories for that finishing touch. Kits, ready made, hand made, luxury and economy for all tastes and budgets. I have recently introduced and hoping to expand on some 1/144th scale.
True 2 Scale
True2scale is a husband and wife team who has been designing and developing miniature kits since 2010. We enjoy combining our skills to create and offer a variety of miniature kits in 1" and 1/4" scales. We are based in Northern California, and sell our kits and LED lighting components through our website and at miniature shows around the United States and Europe.


Last Updated October 2019